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Since 2015,  Raysince in the electric vehicles markets, mainly focus on design, develop and manufacture electric vehicles. we mainly provided Electri Golf Cart,RHD Electric Car,High Speed Electric Car, Electric Car ,Electric Sightseeing Car,Electric Vintage Car .For manufacture we have completely process including laser cutting workshop, hydraulic mold press workshop, welding, electrophoretic treatment, powder painting, whole vehicle assembling and testing.




Qingdao Raysince, The leading force in China to offer a complete line of Electric golf cart, Off road golf cart, Electric car, Right hand drive electric car, Sightseeing car and Vintage car.

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    Full sets of CE Certificate, WMI Code.

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    Customized solutions is available.

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    Great after sales service 24 hours online.

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    Best solutions on transportation.


Raysince Latest News

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    Ghanaian customers visit Raysince to test drive electric cars

    On June 17, 2024, we received an African friend who had been living in China for 6 years. We were immediately amazed by his Fluent Chinese. We communicated in Chinese without any obstacles. He told us that he studied in Beijing and have been living in Beijing for six yea...

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    Please check the battery maintenance knowledge of new energy vehicles

    Winter has arrived in the twinkling of an eye, and some places have even snowed. In winter, people should not only wear warm clothes and pay attention to maintenance, but also new energy vehicles can not be ignored. Next, we will briefly introduce the most commonly used maintenance tips for new e...